LDMud logo: an emblem with three snakes, on the left behind that emblem a cogwheel. In front of both is a sword.


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LDMud is currently maintained by Fuchur@Wunderland, Zesstra@Morgengrauen and Gnomi@UNItopia. We can be best reached by mail at ldmud-dev@UNItopia.DE or at the mailing list ldmud-talk@googlegroups.com (only members can post to the later). We also read the usenet groups rec.games.mud.lp and de.alt.mud. You may also find us occasionally in our MUDs.


There is a mailing list for all kinds of discussions about the driver. Feel free to join in. To subscribe without a Google account just send an email to ldmud-talk+subscribe@googlegroups.com and send a reply to the response from Google groups.

If you happen to find bugs or have ideas for future features you're welcome to post them in our bug tracker at https://mantis.ldmud.eu/mantis/.

Our main source code repository is at github: https://github.com/ldmud/ldmud.


Work currently in progress:

Lightweight objects
A new type of objects with reduced overhead and automatic destruction.
General bugfixing and small features
We'll focus on polishing the driver. Cleaning up the source code, correcting bugs, and doing small improvements and minor features.