LDMud logo: an emblem with three snakes, on the left behind that emblem a cogwheel. In front of both is a sword.


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LDMud is currently maintained by Fuchur@Wunderland, Zesstra@Morgengrauen and Gnomi@UNItopia. We can be best reached by mail at ldmud-dev@UNItopia.DE or at the mailing list ldmud-talk@googlegroups.com (only members can post to the later). We also read the usenet groups rec.games.mud.lp and de.alt.mud. You may also find us occasionally in our MUDs.


There is a mailing list for all kinds of discussions about the driver. Feel free to join in. To subscribe without a Google account just send an email to ldmud-talk+subscribe@googlegroups.com and send a reply to the response from Google groups.

If you happen to find bugs or have ideas for future features you're welcome to post them in our bug tracker at https://mantis.ldmud.eu/mantis/.

Our main source code repository is at github: https://github.com/ldmud/ldmud.


Work currently in progress:

General bugfixing and small features
We'll focus on polishing the driver. Cleaning up the source code, correcting bugs, and doing small improvements and minor features.