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Heaven 7
A classic mudlib which has been updated to run natively on LDMud. On the same site you can also find precompiled executables for Windows, and a new mudlib aiming to implement the d20 RPG system.
One of the most widespread used mudlibs for German-speaking MUDs.
This is a completely functional, albeit aged, mudlib running natively on LDMud 3.3.
The RealmsMUD core lib is a project that was started in 2017 with the intent of bringing modern RPG features to MUDs.
StickLib is a legacy copy of StickMUD from around the turn of the century with recent updates added.
Besides MorgenGrauen one of the most popular German mudlibs, needs at least LDMud 3.6.


Windows drivers (MorgenGrauen)
MorgenGrauen's FTP server has some drivers compiled for Windows, configured to run MorgenGrauen.
Windows drivers (UNItopia)
UNItopia's FTP server has some drivers compiled for Windows, configured to run UNItopia.


A collection of links to various drivers, mudlibs and other information, and a forum about LPC and LPMuds.
LDMud Tutorial
Daniel (@cpu) provided a tutorial on how to set up a MUD including a web server using LDMud and the LP 2.4.5 mudlib.
Docker Images
Docker images of the driver bundled with mudlibs ready to go.