LDMud logo: an emblem with three snakes, on the left behind that emblem a cogwheel. In front of both is a sword.


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Please note that when checking out the latest version, you'll need autotools and call autogen.sh in the src/ directory before configuring the build.

LDMud comes in multiple flavors:

3.2 Branch:
This is the oldest form of the driver, and the most compatible with Amylaar's driver. This branch is no longer being worked on.
Version 3.2.17 (10. Jan 2010)
Latest version
3.3 Branch:
The current stable branch. It gets bugfixes, but no major new features.
Version 3.3.720 (22. Feb 2011)
Latest version
3.4 Branch:
This branch is no longer maintained as it was behind 3.3 all the time anyway.
3.5 Branch:
The current development branch. New features are developed here. Currently, there are no releases on this branch. You can follow our work by checking out this branch from our git repository. But keep in mind: it may be unstable and is in general not recommended for live muds with active players. We are happy about receiving comments and bug reports though.
Latest version