LDMud logo: an emblem with three snakes, on the left behind that emblem a cogwheel. In front of both is a sword.


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Inspired by TinyMUD and AberMUD Lars Pensjö started a new gamedriver called LPMud for which he invented a new programming language LPC, an object oriented language loosely based on C. The gamedriver implemented a virtual machine for the execution of LPC code. In the same year Genesis opened as the first public MUD using this game driver.
Joern Rennecke (Amylaar) took over development of the LPMud driver and produced the 3.2 series of LPMud.
Lars Düning (Mateese) started to modernize and clean-up the LPMud driver and renamed it to LDMud (but keeping the version numbers and so started with 3.2.2).
Fuchur@Wunderland, Zesstra@Morgengrauen und Gnomi@UNItopia continued the development of the LDMud.
LDMud 3.5.0, the first major version of the new development, was released.